About Us

             Indian Academy Of Professional Studies, is run and managed by Sree Venkateswara Educational and Charitable Trust. It strongly believes that education and only education can give better life & knowledge to self and others. IAPS mission is to provide quality education to all at a low cost. We have created an environment that fosters TEAMWORK, HONESTY, COURTESY & RESPECT to one and all. We strive hard to provide Safe & healthy environment to learn. We Prohibit the harassment of, or discrimination against, any individual by a student, Lecturer, administrator or other individual based on any protected characteristic; IAPS maintains a policy that prohibits unlawful discrimination and harassment in all aspects of the Student Management relationship, and is committed to providing employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, disability, veteran status or any other basis prohibited by law.
            IAPS was established to provide Quality Education & On hand practical training in the Hotel Management & Catering Technology to all the students. IAPS not only focus on Education and Practical training but emphasis on Student characteristics by offering Meditation, Yoga, Personality development & other positive classes during their diploma in Hotel Management & Catering Technology. IAPS is committed to providing the best possible learning conditions for its students. Part of this commitment is encouraging an open and frank atmosphere in which any problem, complaint, suggestion or question can be raised without fear of reprisal.

          Training at IAPS is “Performance-based” using a simulated work environment run by industry professionals. Graduates are equipped with the practical skills needed to meet the demands of the industry requirements. In addition, Students learn TEAMWORK, HONESTY, and COURTESY & RESPECT.

2020 - 2021

10th Pass/Fail
12th Pass/Fail
Any Degree/Diploma